"A Joyful Heart Is Good Medicine!"


My Journey

Fifteen years ago, I faced a health crisis with my daughter, who was two years old at the time. She had a persistent bout of pneumonia that dragged on for nearly three months. I was at my wit's end, as we tried numerous cough syrups and antibiotics, none of which seemed to help.

After doing extensive research and consulting with a naturopathic doctor, I agreed to try a new course of treatment for my little one, who recovered in about three days' time!

I was amazed at the results, and became immersed in learning everything I could about nutrition as medicine, and natural healing. Extensive reading, and a nutritional college program, broadened my knowledge base. I gained practical knowledge working in health food stores and for several supplement companies.

in 2015, I enrolled in school to become a licensed esthetician. I've found that this focus complements my love of natural healing. Our skin is our largest organ, and works as our first line of defense against toxins, bacteria, and other pathogens.

For me, my work as a licensed esthetician allows me to help my clients relax, reduce stress, rejuvenate and care for their skin. The healing touch that I bring to my clients reflects my passion for natural healing and radiant health. It's a gift I want to share with you...at Joyful Days Wellness Spa.

In good health ~ Julia Wills


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What Should I Expect When I Get a Facial?

Two or more cleansings (depending on the amount of make-up worn). Application of toner, followed by a customized treatment mask. If needed, extractions are done (removal of blackheads). In a 60 minute session, we continue with a facial massage. 

How Does Nutrition Affect the Skin?

Our skin is one of the hardest working organs we have. It faces daily assaults from the sun, pollution and other environmental stressors. It also protects our internal organs and muscles. Providing proper nutrients is vital to maintain the health and integrity of our skin.

Do Facials Hurt?

Facials are very relaxing and do not typically hurt. If you receive extractions, they can be a bit uncomfortable, like a pinch. However, they do not last long, and I do not dig at blackheads that are not ready to come out.

What Are the Benefits of a Facial?

Facials help deliver nutrients to the skins surface both externally and internally. The carefully selected products contain ingredients that will nourish and hydrate the skin, while the facial massage will encourage blood flow to the skin, which delivers nutrients from inside the body, while giving your skin a healthy glow.

During your facial, your esthetician will go over a healthy skin care routine for you to do at home, so you can continue providing health to your skin.

Do Men Get Facials?

Yes! Men's skin also needs cleansing and hydration. And who doesn't need to relax?

Can I Get a Facial if I'm Pregnant or Nursing?

Yes! Please do inform your esthetician if you are pregnant or nursing, as some adjustments may need to be made. But, facials are safe and can be helpful, as the skin experiences many changes during and right after pregnancy.